Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Me+New Makeup+Deco+Random

Random posts are always good. Well sometimes! Here I am rocking my Jeremy Scott x Adidas dress I have yet to wear in public. I think I'm going to put it on ebay as I doubt I'll get around to wearing it :(

Here is some makeup I've picked up lately.

I got this Lise Waiter sparkle liner to play with! Mostly I put it right under the corner of my eye. I like it but I think the $18.00 ish dollars I paid for it was a bit excessive. As the quality of drugstore makeup is getting better I don't really want to pay alot for makeup that you wont use much.
I'm also really liking my new mac blush. I know these were really popular. I just wanted a blush that wasn't light pink! I also usually like darker colors on my face for some reason. Anyways this is good to change up my look!

Here is a deco mirror I made! Pretty random.

Finally here is a photo from a concert I was at recently! The concert sucked but luckily I got this pretty photo from it!


editsafemode said...

Ouu, which concert was this?! Also, I totally agree about drug store makeup. I try to get as much of it as I can, when I can! I wish you had some more places to wear that dress! I love it on you!

Bianca said...

LOVE THAT SHIRT! KEEP IT, or i might snatch it up XD