Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Hills Premier + After Show at MTV

So, I got invited to the premier of the hills! I might not have watched much of it in the past but it sounded exciting. Plus it included being in the audience of the after show so it was pretty cool. The night was particularly exciting because The Hills star Kristin Cavalari was there! She looked fabulous didn't she?

There were soo many people in line to get a seat in the audience! A couple hundred people at least. Now, I have kinda refused to watch The Hills in the past but I got totally into it. I really didn't want it to end so fast and I'm now hooked. Sadly I think my next week will be spent watching all of the previous episodes of The Hills.

This season has brought up a lot of media controversy already from it's premier. It's going to be interesting to see how much effect Heidi Montage's plastic surgery mess will have in the coming season. You really can't help but feeling sorry for her while watching. As much as I've been annoyed with her idiotic media whoring, I truly want her to get better. I think a lot of people watching feel the same. On a more positive note, I'm terribly excited to see Spencer act like the crazy nut he is! Seriously, have you seen this guys twitter? He starts fights with random celebs all the time. I think hes a troll.

How friggen awesome is host Jessi's dress? She said it was by Opening Ceremony. I want it but I think its probably best suited to her amazing red hair. These host's totally need more credit, I have NO clue how they can hear things over the crowd's loud cheering. The audience was hilarious! Besides the boo-ing at Heidi, some interesting individuals kept shouting out crazy comments. I can't remember some of the best but someone asked Jessi and then Kirstin to sleep with him. Someone also screamed something about how he needed makeup for his tranny nights out or something along that line. SO much fun. It was like being in a really, really awesome immature highschool class where everyone is acting a fool. Yes, this is my idea of a good time.

I also was super thrilled to make a new friend who happens to be super awesome! Fatima is my new home girl. I love meeting new people. It was my goal of the night and I succeeded.

So I learned two things that night! 1. I need to pick out clothes before doing my hair or I will end up looking like a fool while freezing downtown and 2. The Hills really is addictive.

Now the question is.. are you watching this season?


editsafemode said...

:3 I've definitely been watching since day one in like 9th grade. I know all the ins and outs of The Hills and I've even seen a bit of Laguna Beach, which is sort of like a high school preamble. So much as I recognize how lame it is, I enjoyed it. Without Lauren Conrad though, I'd argue that there's a lot less sense, but hey, crazies are crazies.

It's fun at least, and I really enjoyed watching Lauren's fashion career develop as well, so the earlier seasons are more to my taste. It's a bit too media happy now.

Anonymous said...

omg! I'm so watching now cause of you!

Anonymous said...

thee hillss its actually so addicting honestly I keep wanting to watch it noww.
and it was definitly an awesome night and im glad we got to meet! your too sweet btw <3

SogniSorrisi said...

I am definitely a Hills and City addict. And I love Jessi and Dan!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I miss LC but totally watching =D

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