Monday, April 12, 2010

Cheap and Effective Blow Dryer Review : Solutions by Vidal Sassoon smoothing dryer

My hair is majorly high maintenance. God knows I've spent thousands on good products and I can't live without my GHD or Chi straighteners. Surprisingly one thing I've never invested on was a good blow dryer. For the longest time I tried to avoid blow drying, saving myself from some added damage. I've learned that my course hair needs the added smoothing a hair dryer provides. Especially for bangs!

I had just been using my mothers ten year old hair dryer to get the job done. Its life was near its end and totally crapped out when my extensions got caught in the fan. (FAIL). So I decided I would go to shoppers drug mart and pick a new one up. I wasn't hoping for much as I have experienced how bad drugstore styling tools have been in the past. Being poor and figuring anything will do the job I spent $39.99 on a Solutions By Vidal Sassoon dryer. They had about 4 different solutions models, specializing in things like smoothing course hair and blow drying thin hair. I picked up the smoothing one.

I was so surprised at how much of a difference it made in blow drying! Not only is it faster at drying time, I noticed a big difference in the smoothing ability. I also liked the controls on the dryer. The extra heat and cooling option are easy to press while styling. Overall it was a great buy! I'm just a bit shocked by their lack of online presence. When searching for the dryers online I came up with nothing.

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