Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Failed Important Acting Audition

SOO!! Sorry for the lack of posts, I've had a lot of craziness lately. I had an important acting audition on Friday. I really don't have any acting experience and this like the second round of auditions (I only got to it becuase I missed the first one). Anyways, I completely blanked when I got into the audition room. I was like "lalalalalal uh........" which I did twice. Oh god. I guess the fact that everyone else their was like professional 25 year old actors that had done like everything since childhood. Sigh! That and the director said he had heard my music and asked if I was going in a more gaga direction. I told him I like gaga but I want to rely on my japanese influences more. He then asked me if I knew the group pink lady and I said "aren't they older?" as I thought they were a group from like yearsss ago. Then everyone told me its not good too call the director old. I DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY! Oh god. WHAT A FAIL. On top of that the character I was auditioning for was a angsty werido, a style I usually go for. Instead I dressed the exact opposite that day. I did like my outfit though.

I love the tube top I'm wearing under my sweater. I got it on sale at Abercrombie. They have the weirdest things lately.
Here is some love from the latest Jeremy Scott collection. Love it!


Tiffanys World said...

you look really good!!!!

Anonymous said...

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dollbot said...

aww that so exciting to do auditions! how do you even find a casting? i was always curious x_x

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