Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Cell Phone Case!

I finally got my cell phone case done! I used a Tsuji-Kitty deco sticker from straypa and added the rest of the rhinestones myself. I seriously want to like make money off deco-ing. Would anyone buy cases?

The picture does not do the sparkly love justice. I can't wait too add my matching Tsuji-Kitty cell charm and the millions of other ones I'm going to attach too it. The only problem is the red of my phone looks stupid with it. If I paint over my blackberry am I voiding my warranty?

P.S I have to record some songs in Japanese soon. What do you think I should sing?!!?


Kanako_ageha said...

wow very cuuute! ♥

love such bling bling!

(btw, did you get my email? O.o)

Sher said...

gah for some reason your blog updates never show on my blogger home :\ anywhooo I looove that case! been wanting to learn how to do that to mine ><

Keely Valentine said...

thanks guys!!
kanako what email did you send me?

sher i wonder why it doesn't show up! I'm worried now!
and its really not hard just a little practice!

Mzx NiNi said...

Very Cute :)

Anonymous said...

amazingly cute!! <3