Saturday, March 20, 2010

Makeup Tutorial Video : How to do a Sexy Alice in Wonderland look!

Hi my loves! I opened my Alice in Wonderland book of shadows and was inspired to do a sexy, modern colorful look. Please tell me what you think of my youtube videos and to comment/rate/ subscribe!
Here is my product list of what I used in the video

-L'Oreal True Match foundation W1 Porcelain
-Benefit Boing conclealor in shade 1
-White Mac shadow (Crystal Avalanche)
-Urban Decay White Rabbit or normally known as Polyester Bride
-Urban Decay Alice or known as Painfiller from the show pony pallete
-Urban Decay Mushroom
-Nars Blush in Mata Hari
-Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel
-Mac Barbie lipstick in Real Doll
-Sephora Gloss in Precious Pink
-Maybelline Collasal Express Mascara


Cosmo said...

excellent tutorial!!
The make up really suits you!!

Keely Valentine said...

thanks cosmo! totally appreciate it!
Blue is hard to suit aha!

Anonymous said...

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HANA said...

great tutorial! i love your makeup look, the blue eyeshadow really brings out your eyes and hair (if that makes sense). very pretty!

Keely Valentine said...

thanks so much hana!

janice c. said...

cute phone

Keely Valentine said...

thanks janice!

Bianca said...

ooh smexy, love this!