Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Last Few Days

The weather this week has been amazing! Its been warmer here in Toronto then it has been in Florida. Sadly it was rather cold today though. On Thursday I had my friend over who I have known longer then most Amanda! We hadn't seen each other forever. The second she came over though she locked her keys in her car. We spent the first hour trying to break into her car, something neither of us is skilled in. Honestly, its one of the most annoying things to try and do in the world. We eventually gave up and had to call a car dude to do it for us. Sigh, my money is gone yet again! Then we headed to the mall with an hour before it closed but it wasn't bad. SEPHORA HAD UNOFFICALLY OPENED THAT NIGHT
(Amanda and myself)
Before Amanda left the next day we took some photos in the amazing weather. I was wearing a mini skirt and flip flops. I want to go the beach. Later my boyfriend came over and suprised me with some gifts! Not only did my MAR*S skirt from Mitsu at Universal Doll come in (pics soon) but he got me some gifts off straypa!

The first is a deco glue he bought because it came with tweezers (fail) but will be fun to test out, the second is a deco glue that makes a pearly base and you can apparently peel it off? I'm really excited to try this one out becuase it would be good to do my camera with. I'm worried about decoing my camera and screwing up my warrenty so maybe I could just pull it off with this and have a pretty base. The last is a MOMOERI PHONE STRAP. YEAHHH MOMOERI LOVE!! <3 I don't think I'm going to put it on my phone though as its already so blinged out and I love just having it all Tsuji Nozomi themed! Maybe my camera can have a sick charm aha. I also got my hair done and my roots are all pretty and white. I wish it didn't cost $150.00 for roots, toner and a blowdry without a cut! FML. My ghetto dye jobs will obviously be back.
I'm going to go debate opening my Urban Decay Pallette now.. SO TEMPTING!

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