Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kawaii Cleaning and Cooking

Mom and future husband take note, if you want to get me to do anything around the house your going to have to have to make it visually stimulating. I even have proof it works! I bought a cute Card Captors Sakura apron and I've baked more in the last month then I ever have! I made my first cake that didn't die after being taken out of the oven! I'm so proud. Seriously though, any excuse to wear this apron rocks.
As for cleaning I found these uber cute sponges on jbox. TOO CUTE! I've never been tempted to waste my money on cleaning supplies.

Onigiri sponge $2.80 at jbox

Banana sponge $2.80 at Jbox

How cute are these mini kitchen dusters for $2.50?

I'm also freaking out over these hello kitty muffin molds. My gluten sensitive stomach is screaming no but they are so damn cute.

They retain for $18.50 at Jbox

So Jbox should totally pay for me advertising so much in one post!
Have you seen any other cute cooking or cleaning items? Post them in the comments!

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