Sunday, March 28, 2010

Historic Fiction You Have To Read

Its hard to imagine underneath my pink anime exterior theirs a history and book nerd. Especially with my failing grades and terrible spelling. Ironically, I was the first one in my class reading actual novels and I haven't really put them down since. When I was about 7, I came across the Royal Diaries series. The series focuses on the adolescent lives of the great women of history. I would highly recommend it to any young reader. I became obsessed. It was fascinating to learn about all these different women. It was also extremely scary. While everyone else was reading about magically princesses, I was reading about the death and hardships they faced. Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra among others have always been topics of interest to me. Powerful and beautiful women are just so intriguing.

At about 13, I moved into the world of adult novels. Phillipa Gregory has since become one of my favorite authors. She is best known as the author of "The Other Boleyn Girl". Once reading that book I was hooked though. I love how she has written a book on almost every love interest of Kind Henry to get each of their stories. I can't imagine how she does it.Her books are a staple in historic fiction. As for another standout author, I can't explain my love for Sandra Gulland. I picked up the Josephine B Trilogy up without even really looking at it. When I eventually started reading it out of bordem, I was beyond fascinated. Honestly, I didn't even know who Josephine B was before I started reading it. (She was Napoleon's Wife) After reading this story I can't explain how much I admire her. Gulland did some amazing research though, even seeing a psychic to try and get to know everything about Josephine. It is friggen amazing and you have to read it.

Right after my trip to Tokyo I plan on saving for France.
Jesus Diamante tea party's at Versailles sound amazing, do they not?


Samantha Lee said...

AMAZING!! I will totally have to check that book out for myself! When I was thirteen I discovered romance novels...that was a wake up call. ^_^

Sandra Gulland said...

Thank you! I quoted your kind words on my blog:

I'm so pleased you love Josephine B.!


Keely Valentine said...

ahah sam i totally feel you!

and Sandra I can't believe you went on my blog! Thank you for writing the most amazing books!!

Samantha Lee said...

Holy crap!! That is awesome!