Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hime Style Heels at Hot Topic

Hot Topic of all places has a pair of hime style heels if your looking for a quick hime fix! My only complaint is they look a little costume-y. At least their a good option for hime lovers in the states though! They retail for 39.99 here. Where do you get your hime styled clothes?


Ribbonlicious said...

Looks very cute *___*

Recomment: Thanks for your comment @bows! ^__^ There're so cute, I still have one left and can do commission ^^

Your blog is very cute too, I've added you <3

Kaizo Nyan said...

I seen those and i was like ahhh must have!!! and also the leapord print heels they have !! im surprised with hot topic. they usually suck. lol

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