Monday, March 15, 2010

Get the Look Here : Cowgirl

As we are all a little tempted to add a little western flair in our summer wardrobes to stay in style, I thought I would post some cheap easy to buy alternatives! You can thank popteen for the inspiration on this post!

Cowgirl boots from Urban Original $24.80

Flower Blouse *would look cute tucked in a puffy skirt* from Go Jane $17.30

Denim skirt from Forever 21 $15.80. This would be cute with a light petticoat under it!

The forever 21 in Canada better have this! This is totally Liz Lisa like for a fraction of the price *when you consider how much it costs to get things from japan!* I think this would be so cute with a cardigan! $29.80

The best advice I can offer for when shopping for this season is too realize this look is going to get dated fast. Even if you love a look, consider how wearable it could be this time next year and the price. Light denim looks tend to look seriously dated fast!


Milkpea said...

I'm totally spilt over the western style. It feels like a one minute type trend but I love the dresses like the one you posted. In the UK the main shop to do this style is New Look but even they have only dedicated a few rails to it. The big trend seems to be the more deyle style peach/black/frilly style.

I do have a pair of cowboy boots from my old phase of dressing like Selphie from FF8 XD

Kaizo Nyan said...

Im not really liking this look, i prefer the d.i.a style and ma*rs look at the moment. if i wore that here (indiana) people would actually think im trying to dress like a farm girl or some shit because there are alot of farm girls here who wear stuff similar to that. lol