Monday, March 29, 2010

Deco Spam + Cheap Deco how to idea

I really still need to get around to doing my camera and putting a bit more on my phone but for now I thought I would just inspire everyone else to go deco!

I can't imagine how much this would have cost to make, let alone the time it would have taken. Its totally insane.

This PSP is kinda a bit crazy but its still pretty cool. I like how they added a lock and key.

I love how they added lace to this mirror! Its a good way to save money on materials aha. Plus the deco bow is so cute.

Carebear deco is just so amazing. Its like a better version of a rainbow.

This totally is on the list of best calculators out there.

I love how they used studs on these headphones! I totally want to do that with something now! It looks so hot!
I love the simplicity of this phone.

Another simple cute phone! Great way to save money and still look hot.

This mirror is amazing! Love the use of big rhinestones with the zebra print.

Cute simple container I think. I want to be able to make star shaped macarons!

I love how cute this container is. The ice cream is made so well. I also like the use of beads and pearls instead of rhinestones.


I've also added a great and cheap deco idea! This tutorial shows how to use sequins in place of rhinestones. Its a great way to be unique and save money. (click for the full photo)



PetSugar said...

omg i'm tweeting this lol

The Makeup said...

I am so inlove with all this deco stuff! I want everything done... where do I get this stuff... Did I miss that?

Keely Valentine said...

Oh I'm sorry!
Well honestly most people who don't live in Japan do it themselves! That's probably why you don't see as many crazy designs here though.
In Japan Deco is hugeee! The pictures I took are from Japanese Deco magazines. They have around 5 different magazines alone for it. They have deco shops where you can go get the crazy designs done but of course they cost an arm and a leg!

And thank you Sam for linking!