Sunday, February 28, 2010

Music and Music and Horror Movies

I hate horror/zombie/vampire movies. Somehow every movie I see lately is a horror/zombie/vampire movie. Except Avatar, I finally saw it and OMG LOVE. Seriously, you need too see it. My birthday is Tuesday and I have no clue what to do.

LOOK AT MY SHOESSS. I will never find anywhere to be able to wear them and successfully walk.
How many of you actually wear heels a lot?

I had a meeting at Universal Canada this week. The place reminds me of a pimp looking school. Also in the sense that people seem to not want to do work and just socialize aha. It looks like a fun place to have a job. I alo ended up at the Down With Webster video shoot for "Your Man". I'm obsessed with that song now! Its sooo addictive! Its going to be one of the ten english songs on my ipod. Their video looked really good, I can't wait to make my first music video. It will be insane. Also the guys from DWW are awesomely nuts, but I kinda knew that from watching their youtube videos.


Anonymous said...


Love your shoes,where did you get them.

Keely Valentine said...

sirens i think!

Samantha Lee said...

I <3 High Heels!!!! I got fushia ones for prom! they have a 3.5 inch heel with a .5 inch platform!! I <3 THEM!!