Monday, February 22, 2010

Present + Outfit

My boyfriend surprised me with this some deco stuff and an adoreably wrapped hello kitty headband and hair ties.

The guy he bought it from in Korea Town wrapped it like a candy! The hair ties dangled from the middle. It was so cute I seriously didn't want to open it!

Its cold out. Earmuffs do help. I really want to try some Amekaji (Japan's take on American Casual) styles. I ordered a pair of Cocolulu jeans on ebay so I'm happy I scored that! I can't wait to get them! It will be nice to feel gal while being comfy. I'm not sure if they will completely work for me but hopefully they will! Besides finding big loose jeans though the rest of the style is pretty easy to pull off with stores here.

My Birthdays next week and I really want to do something for it but I'm unsure what to do. People are so lame and always bail or don't even care enough to want to do anything. Lame.


Beckie said...

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Anonymous said...

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yuri said...

lovely hair :33