Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Outfit, Music and my Princess Ai prize

The last few weeks have been quite random. Things seem to be looking good in music! I'm being considered for this really awesome thing that I'm guessing I shouldn't talk about. I also got to do my first show in Japanese! It was kinda fail because I practiced for less then an hour if you don't count the time I took memorizing the lyrics. I wish I had more time though because I think I could have actually rocked that stage a hell of alot more. Putting the whole OMG IM GOING TO FORGET AND MESS UP THE WORDS thing aside, I think I feel a lot more comfortable singing in Japanese. Maybe because it doesn't feel like I'm being marketed as someone and I'm just doing what I've always liked. My gold infinity dress was a bit tragically short and I'm not currently at my skinnest so that wasn't the best outfit choice aha! I'll try and post some videos soon.. maybe.. Haven't decided if I want to embarrass myself that bad yet.

I was feeling inspired by the fact I didn't completely dread doing something musical for awhile. My talented band is finally getting together next week as our guitarist is back from university for a week. She might be switching back to Toronto next year and I am praying! I may have found us the much needed fifth key to our group though. Finding the right guitarist has been so hard. We had been through about 3 douche bags. Hopefully he is the right one! The four of us are like a weird family. We have so much fun together. We decided to try to do some Japanese covers for when we meet next week to try something new and get inspired to write hopefully. I'm just not even going to worry about the whole "But I'm doing solo stuff too" thing. Whatever happens, happens right?

Oh! Remember how I spent 10 minuets entering a Princess Ai lyrics contest and got 2nd place? I got my prize in the mail! I admit I'm kinda sad though, If I had spent half an our on them I could have potentially won! Still, its pretty cool to have a signed poster.
I haven't gotten around to listening to the cd's yet. Dubbed? anime music is usually pretty brutal. Seriously Tokyopop why haven't you got me singing your songs yet?

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