Sunday, February 7, 2010

Outfit and Rhinestones!

Moving has been hell. I think when my mom will let me I want to make my room princess themed! I would be soo much work though. Here's a random outfit shot. I tried to do my hair like Nozomi Tsuji. Sadly no one will ever look as cute as she does with it.

If you ever wondered how disappointing $60.00 in rhinestones looks like this is how small it is.



CrystallyzeD 'Gugu' クリ said...

i actually like how the hair style looks on you. and man, those rhinestones should of been a lot more for that much money.

Rui said...

very nice hair!!

Ulricke Alette said...

I think you hair is really cute! $60 for that few, make sure you didn't get scammed for money.

Penelope said...

I like your blog! I'm going to try that with my hair sometime.. hmmmm..

Mitsu said...

Cute coordi!

Yeah buying all the ones for my bike, I was kinda like THIS is it?! >_< If only it rained Swaro ^_~

Anonymous said...

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Keely Valentine said...

thanks gugu! and everyoone else!
and mizu when i saw your bike i remeber thinking. WTF IT IS THIS EXPENSIVE! AH!

Anonymous said...

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