Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gyaru Model Sakurina - The Queen of Rocker- kei, Nails, Hair and Hot Kimono's!

Sakurina is one of the most versatile gyaru models. Although she's more known for her darker gyaru look she pulls off every style amazingly well! Her full name is Sakurai Rina and she is a model for Koakuma Ageha. Sakurina started modeling when she was 16. She was about 23 when she started modeling for Ageha. In may 2008 she debuted as a singer with the song Angel. She is a model for Candy Magic circle lenses and has her own jewelry line "Sakurina Style". Sakurina has also done a lot of acting! She appears for a few episodes in Jyouou Virgin, a crazy hostess series you can watch on youtube here. She also starred in a movie called Girl's Life (youtube trailer here). If anyone finds this subbed online please tell me!

She is such a great example of how versatile gals can be. She is known for having flawless long hair but she recently has been rocking amazing short styled hair in between extensions.

Sakurina's nails are also always crazy and outrageous. She is known for having very big stone mori deco nails! A lot of time I find they can be a bit too much but I give her props for having such extravagant nails! She apparently spends up to $400.00 on her constantly changing nail sets. THERE IS NO WAY SHE IS PAYING FOR THEM! CRAZYY!

Sakurina is also the gal to look at if you need some kimono inspiration.

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Also, here's a link to Sakurina's Blog <3


Ulricke Alette said...

She is really stunning, well most Japanese gyaru girls are hehe.

Sabina said...

Sakurina is so beautiful <3

Ivie said...

I love Sakurina, her nails are always on point and she looks good from head to toe

Chaudie said...

OMG! I've never seen her without makeup on! Somehow I feel a lot better.

Gracie C. said...

I love her but I always wondered how she lives her life with nails like that. Gorgeous but so inconvenient!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I just thought I'd let you know that these two aren't her. ^^

Anonymous said...

web log stands out as the additional pink colored