Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do Over Day!

Close your eyes and picture yourself reliving the moment
of your first kiss, or an unforgettable night with your
lover or the time spent on a glorious vacation; and/or
your greatest accomplishments – landing the job you
really wanted or completing that marathon.

That's right!! Its Do Over Day on Friday February 26,
2010 in Canada! The one chance a year we get to relive
our favorite moments(or think about what we want to fix).
Personally, I'm going to think about all the amazing times
I spent cheerleading and how much I miss it.

Check this Vervegirl link to win a Do Over Day Tshirt!

Also Check out the Do Over Day website to submit
what you would doover, read what others would and check
out the polls,videos and send crazy e cards!

What will you be thinking of on Do Over Day?

1 comment:

Robert Campbell said...

What would you do over Keely? A song or a performance? Or perhaps your first kiss with your special friend?