Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Lip Savers Burts Bees Reviews

I'm totally anti chapstick. I find most of them leave my lips drier and in more pain after it rubs off. I was glad to find two products that seem too not have that affect! Burts Bees is actually very awesome in the lip category. I had heard they were good before but it wasn't until I really tested it out that I now believe the hype!

The beeswax lip balm is great! It's defiantly helped my lips from being chapped to death. It has a minty cooling sensation that hurting lips will probably appreciate. The only problem I had with it was I received the tin forum. Not being a big fan of getting product chunks stuck in my nails and or dirty fingers when I'm out, I put my lips right in the pot.

Another great product for lips that I find really moisturizing is the lip shimmers. They are really surprisingly pigmented and shimmery. They are amazingly moisturizing but ironically I haven't been thrilled with the two colors I have tried. Make sure you can find testers before you buy them! The brown I was sent was much too dark for me and before that I had bought a purple/pink that looks like a color from disturbing childhood makeup. Find a good color though becuase I reach for this stuff regardless!

Note: these two products were sent to be by the company for testing.

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