Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Unglamours Life of a Possible Popstar

So in my latest venture of musical related things, a manager named Entyce wanted to hook me up with producers Ryan and Dan. These guys happen to be majorly talented twins who have amazing voices. Besides being successful themselves they were in the band B4-4 who I listened too when I was younger! I love this song.

I wonder if current music videos will look that old in 6 years. Anyways, they are super talented and are currently doing Danny Fernandas' album. Hopefully I'll get too record with them soon as they are doing some really awesome stuff!

Getting to their house however was hell. We had to drive over an hour into the middle of forest land. In the city and suburbs their was no snow but there it was snowing like crazy. Not only that but their drive way was HUGEEE and a car was stuck at the beginning of it meaning we had too walk 15 minuets through ice-y hell! I was not expecting that! Not to mention I had to pee terribly bad! It was an interesting day for sure!

They also have the CUTEST teacup chiwawa named Coco. Heres a picture with Entyce, me and coco and Ryan. I am so in love with Coco it was so hard not to take her home!


Mitsu said...

Such a cute pup and love the leopard coat <3

Keely Valentine said...

thanks bby!~