Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Gyaru Loving and Fukubukuro New Years Lucky Bags

My Gyaru love is still going strong. I was looking through Nuts today and some other Japanese magazine and here were two of the rocker- kei looks I loveed!

I will never pick a gyaru style. I love them all.

With much influence from Miss Mitsu at Universal Doll, I got myself set on getting a Fukuburkuro. Fukuburkuro's are lucky bags that most brands release on New Years. They contain alot of moneys worth of clothing for a much cheaper price. They sell out majorly fast too. After searching forever on Rakuten I decided to order the Glad News one as it seems to be really popular. The ones I would have died for like the Liz Lisa and Delyle were no where to be found on rakuten. Although I doubt if I was in Japan I could even get myself a Liz Lisa one as they are so popular. I also got a cheaper Cheer one that showed the items you were getting. Its mostly just small accessory stuff but they have the uber cute knit cheer hats and I loveee Cheer stuff. I hope my order went through anyways, I entered the wrong billing address... Opps! Rakuten really bugs me as they send you all these emails in japanese after you order aswell. They leave me freaking out wondering if my order went through or not. With the whole english ordering system they really need a English follow up system! Anyways, wish me luck on the fukubukuro's! I can't wait to have some more authentic gal clothing! Although I have a feeling I'll be trying to sell it.

P.S. Can anyone tell me how this La Parfait Lucky Bag works? At least that's what I think it is.. I want some La Parfait stuff but I want to know what you get with them!


D-tan said...

The point of a fukubukuro is that you don't know what you're getting in it... basically just like a grab bag.

Keely Valentine said...

yeah but they usually give you some idea
like if its clothing or accessories ect lol

D-tan said...

But it does say what the items should be?
1. Panther print hoodie
2. Matching shorts (for the hoodie)
3. Beach bag & towel
4. T-shirt
5. Accessories