Monday, January 25, 2010

Skin MD Natural Shielding Loition Review

I received quite an interesting product from Skin MD to test out. They sent me their Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. Unlike most lotions that just add moisture to the top of the skin using lanolin or petroleum, this product claims to work with the skin. I have found other moisturizers don't work in the long run and make skin drier so I had given up on most of them. This product gave me hope, any company trying something new is worth trying out.

I was pretty happy with this product. I find that it lives up to its claims, it just can be harder to get adjusted to it as you will probably be used to slapping on some greasy creams. Its formula is light and almost milky. I don't have extremely dry skin but in the winter my legs become horribly itchy (after shaving its TERRIBLE). Luckily I just throw this stuff on after my shower and my problem is solved! So I defiantly would recommend this product! I may be no expert in moisturizers but this product has improved my life. My only complaint is that the bottle isn't very big as you tend to use a fair amount (maybe they sell bigger bottles?). I still think you should try this product out though! Goodbye winter itchy legs that kept me up all night!

I should also note this could be a miracle product for people suffering from eczema and other skin conditions. I don't have eczema so I can't offer a review for it but I'm going to test it out on my boyfriends terribly chapped hands. I'm also going to try it out on my face, something I was scared to do as EVERY moisturizer makes me break out. It worked so well on my legs though that maybe it will do some good on my face too! Check out the website too see how crazy versitile this product is at

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