Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years 2010

Alright so finally here's my New Years Post! I ended up getting to spend it with Anselina, one of my best friends. I was supposed be with Azra as well but the party we went too with her was a little out of place for us so we went on a random adventure.

Here was the outfit without my cute new Parasuco sweater. I tried to do my hair more Gyaru with the twists but I failed with lack of curls. This is my new go to hair style for now. Its easy and looks cool without a lot of time and effort.

Anselina, Azra, Moi and her friend.

This is what me and Anselina`s relationship is like. I`m always going crazy while she just laughs. I love her to death and wish she didn`t go to school 3 hours away. Azra also goes to school far now but shes only about an hour drive.

So Anselina and Dave and I somehow wandered into my favourite karaoke place. I ended up singing the whole night and eventually scaring korean people by running into their rooms and singing korean songs with them as you can see from this youtube video. I wish I got the ones where I actually stayed in the room longer on tape!

It was quite a random night, what did you end up doing for New Years?

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