Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Another Shocking Day in a Studio and an Outfit!

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. Lately I've just been meeting up with tons of music people. Its gotten to a point where I don't even try to figure out what on earth they've done before or are doing now. It all just blurs together in the end! Ironically, the ones I was actually excited too meet were worth being excited for! I met up with two producers who are probably godly. After hearing the stuff they made yesterday I think they could be 2nd best to my producer love Teddy. (Yes, I'm talking about YG Teddy). Anyways, I really had no clue what I was getting into. Then as their driver picked me up, he told me they made one of my favorite Britney Spears songs from her last album. No big deal right? UHSADUISAHDUAIDHSIUAHAIUSD. Then after meeting them I was excited at the fact they were young, cool and actually awesome people! Rare for the music industry. They played me some of the stuff they had just made and I think I kind of died. I NEED TO WORK WITH THEM. They then tried to get me to write to one of their tracks. This was like kinda crazy for me. As much as I like writing lyrics I'm pretty useless to writing to a pre made track. I think I did pretty decent for well, someone who has no clue what their doing. I really want to learn anyways so I don't mind. It got kind of brutal trying to write though because I WAS SO HUNGRY. I hadn't ate that day and barley ate the day before. I could feel myself getting weak and kept blanking out. I was trying really hard to keep it together though! It just got increasingly worse throughout the day. They dropped me off at Young and Dundas so I could meet my boyfriend. I was really scared of passing out at this point and I'm glad I went to see him. I couldn't walk straight and I was slurring my words. Thankfully he got me on the go train and made me call my lovely best friend Jo who kept me conscious on the go train home. I then gouged on McDonalds and currently feel like crap.

This is my Gyaru Dork Look. Not the best photo of me but I liked the outfit.

Dress: Mars
Stockings: La Vie en Rose
Hair Bow: Claires
Glasses: The lovely photographer Dani's!
Shoes: Dani's but from Guess


I'm also quite proud that I handed in three essays this week and an assignment. That's all it takes to get half of an English credit when your doing independent learning. It's so much easier then actually having to go to school for a half of a year. The essays do kill me though and now that I'm on to the Shakespeare part, reading that alone will be hard.

I now have to go get my butt in gear and take the braids I had in my hair out so I can do my roots. Something I'm not looking forward too as I have barley any toner left. I also need to find time to pack up my room at my parents house as they are moving Wednesday. Sigh.