Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guns n Roses! Dara from 2ne1 look!

Like always I've been failing at updating. This week I was actually up to something pretty interesting! I got free tickets and after show passes to the Guns n Roses concert. It was a great break from the hell of moving and my parents being over all terrible people. I wasn't a huge GnR fan and didn't know all of the songs. I did love Sweet Child of Mine and Paradise City from my grade 8 band days. I was excited just to be back near rock music. Too much Korean pop music has called for a little break (sadly this will probably make me even more confused on my WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO I SING? issue.) I wasn't expecting much but they were amazing! The concert was also extremely great in part too who we were sitting near. My gal friend Jo and I made friends with these crazy 20 year old guys in front of us. We then has the entertaining experience of sitting near an extremely drugged? large and loud man. Not only was his dancing AMAZING but more then half of the ENTIRE concert he shouted "AXEL I LOVE YOU" without end. His obnoxious behavior wasn't very entertaining to the skinny tall lady in front of him who kept shouting "SHUT THE FK UP! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LISTEN TO THE MUSIC LIKE EVERYONE ELSE YOU LITTLE BITCH". It was interesting to hear him shout "I LOVE AXEL" over all her screaming. He then offered her weed which she furiously declined. The less entertaining of his behavior was before the show when he asked me "where the boobs are" and kept shrugging and suggesting I take my top off. The people around me were quite amused when i kept shouting "I AM 17. I AM UNDERAGE, SHUT UP".
I should also note in GnR style, we waited two hours between their opening band for them to go on stage. We got home at like 3:30, so we didn't stage at the aftershow thing long.

After show areas are just freaking uncomfortable. Its just so awkward and unrockstar like! We did get a pic with Dj Ashba though!He seemed really nice and actually talked to everyone. He also has the cutest smile onstage.

GnR and all classic rock I will never look at the same! Btw: I totally dressed like dara from 2ne1 in her Kiss video. Bahah, I love my glad news pants!

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