Saturday, January 9, 2010

Damaged Hair Alert, New Product I'm Loving!

I went to Sally's to buy some hair dye and toner on my fight for the perfect blonde. While their I picked up a random conditioner as I felt like trying something new. Sally's sample packs are perfect for this. I also wanted something with Keratin in it as it seems to really make my damaged and thick hair soft and manageable. I am so grateful I picked up Aphogee's two minuet keratin re constructor. This stuff works great. I looked online and defiantly plan on picking up almost every product this line offers. I have heard nothing but great things from everyone. The whole line focuses on repairing damaged hair. If your hair is damaged at least try out the sample pack from Sally's and see if you like it! You will defiantly notice a difference over time to your damaged hair. You gyaru's really need to check out this line! Don't lie to yourself and think your hair isn't damaged!This was the pack I bought but they have full size bottles! Check out their website to see all their products.

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