Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Youtube account and I Am Me

Hello Lovers!
So I'm trying to make my youtube account a bit more active. I posted one of my songs and have a video blog I'll be posting later in the day. Please subscribe to it!

The video blog I did is on the Faze Supergirl I Am Me event. The thing was honestly a BLAST! I got the Vera Wang Princess perfume I've wanted for years now! It felt like Christmas! I also got to hangout with Imke and Dizzi, my two friends who live about an hour away. Even though it was probably only the second time we've actually hung out it felt like they were my best friends. Its hard to find people my age who go after their crazy ambitions, wear whatever it is they want and still manage to be just amazing people. Imke makes her own clothing and has her own store! Dizzi is great at photography and is always helping out Imke. For once I didn't feel out of the loop for having ambitions, something no one should have to feel.

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