Friday, December 18, 2009

Why I love Nars

If I had to pick one makeup brand to use for the rest of my life I would without a doubt choose Nars. Now I realize every makeup line has its strong points but I find Nars as a whole to be one of the strongest brands. Why might you ask? Besides the amazing pigment quality, Nars goes above and beyond with every single color. Every brand I can think of only has a limited number of stand out eyeshadows. Looking for colors in MAC when I want to try something new usually leaves me feeling hopeless and bored. With Nars I can look at any color and instantly fall in love. Even if you aren't a fan of a certain shade Nars will make you love something about it. I also have to mention how unique and fun the shades are. Thank you for making creativity chic. Besides the amazing shadows the blush is as good as you have heard. Honestly, I'm not really a fan of orgasm. Although I wear it and like it, I wish more light was shone on the rest of the shades. They seriously have a blush to make everyone look perfect. Just love. Although this post sounds like I work for them I just really think more people should get into them! They really do try hard to be the best they can. If you check out the multiples you'll notice they have a new formula for the newer ones just to improve on the already amazing product. They've also reformulated the foundations and mascaras.
I just wanted to say happy birthday nars on 15 years! Your only two years younger then me! Thank you for getting me through my breakups since I was 13. I only hope that you eventually send me products to review for my years of loyalty.

P.S. check out the book 15x15 that Nars released for the fifteenth anniversary. The chic book has pics of 15 celebs in Nars makeup with proceeds going to charity.

(Santa please bring me a Nars 15 pallate for xmas?)

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Anonymous said...

mac eyeshadows bore you? really? they have like 300 different colours..