Friday, December 4, 2009

Warranty Elephant - Great free service for keeping track

How many times have you lost your warranties or completely forgotten about when they expire? I hate having pieces of paper that are important. They are just bound to go missing! I can't even keep track of my shoes (Seriously, I recently lost a seven inch heel in my room. I have no hope of keeping track of papers).

Being a teenage girl, my cameras and cell phones have habits of breaking all the time. I defiantly need to keep my warranties safe.

I recently came across Warranty Elephant, a free service that lets you store your warranty information online. The info is stored and listed by date of warranty expiration. You can store all the information you need on your product in your account. The websites so great you can even upload scans of your warranties to your account!

The service goes above and beyond by sending you reminders of three months, one month and a week before your warranty expires to make sure the item is in working condition.

I love innovative websites like this. If you know any other helpful sites like this post them in the comments!


Robert Campbell said...

Thanks for sharing Keely. I put your blog review on Digg so other readers can digg it up, and now I'm going to add it to StumbleUpon and Reddit and Delicious bookmarks too.

Anonymous said...

Great post, fantastic site. Unfortunately you have the URL to the site wrong, so it doesn't go there when I click on it.

Keely Valentine said...

thank you so much for that correction!