Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Photoshoot with Kerry

This week I have done a massive amount of photoshoots.
Okay I did three and had to cancel one but THEY ARE EXAUSTING! I'll be posting pictures and stories from them on here!

Here is from the first one I did! I shot with a photographer who is a friend of my friend Kerry. It was nice because Kerry was also their so we had a lot of fun. I took a few photos with Kerry too, I hope I actually get to see one of them. I posted this photo because I look different which is kinda cool. I never have my hair up but I kinda like it here! If you notice a difference in my hair its because I got bangs again! They used to be my trademark style through my pre-teen years but then I guess I just got lazy. Of course now everyone is calling me Lady Gaga. At least she rocks. P.S you can buy the dress I'm wearing which I made at

The shoot was fun but really tiring. After it I had to make my way to Yorkdale as I had planned on going to the JYP auditions but I was kinda late. I got to Yorkdale and called my friend who had been in line for hours and decided I was way to tired to try and find wherever on earth it was. I ended up shopping for ten minuets and dying on a bench with Dave.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, I realize I totally look like her here but I still think its a cool photo!

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