Monday, December 14, 2009

My day as a Shu Uemura Harajuku girl in Holt Renfrew

Its pretty amazing what you can find on Craigslist.
I've managed to find several interesting things on that crazy website including getting myself in the Mtv commercial inserts (I'm the blonde texting), a disastrous hair extension experience, a kick ass producer and a boyfriend of over a year ( I met him as a band mate, I wouldn't touch the personals section with a 20 foot pole.) You really never know what you can find on there (proven by My latest Craigslist venture happened to be quite awesome! I scored a random job dressing up as a Harajuku girl to help promote the Shu Uemura Lash Event.

I totally wish I had a picture of my outfit! I wore a cute Sweet Lolita outfit, it was the first time I ever actually dressed proper lolita. I was starting to think I would never get a chance to wear the dress but I did! Probably in the last place I would want to though. I like to keep my freak/crazy fashion side as far away from my I love expensive rich people clothes as possible. Mixing the two extremes made me feel a bit uncomfortable to say the least.
(Shu's pretty counter)
The event itself was really fun, they had the very talented and stylish principal makeup artist Taca Ozawa doing crazy makeup and hair on a model as well as the equally awesome and talented Rocco Commisso drawing people as manga characters. Honestly, I was shocked at how quickly he can draw amazing pictures. He has talent! The makeup artists were extremely busy giving makeovers while selling and applying lashes. I thought it was cool to see what working the only retail job I have ever wanted would be like. I must say, I still do want a job at Holts! Working for a great line like Shu Uemura would be great. I also really enjoyed getting more familiar with their products. They have CRAZY lashes! Even though I haven't looked into the makeup forever lashes too much I'm much more impressed by Shu's. The eyeshadows are also defiantly worth looking into. I was really in love with a matte blue color. I think with a line like Shu, you should ask the makeup artists for some looks and advice to really get the lines full potential. Although I wasn't paid in desperately needed money, I'm going to be receiving some Shu goodies in the mail. I can't wait!

So even though I didn't get any pictures in my crazy outfit, I stole this one from when I was on my way out from Rocco. I look like hell from 10 hours of work and two hours of sleep the night before but at least you can see some of the great pictures Rocco drew! I would also recommend checking Holt Renfrew's website to see the great events they always have going on. If your attending a cosmetics event I would recommend booking ahead of time. I'll post pictures of my makeup when I get it!

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editsafemode said...

This is so cool! I'm so glad you're getting out and having these amazing experiences, though I must admit my jealousy.

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