Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where I have been Plus my first M*ARS dress!

Sorry I haven't been posting. My life has been a huge mess since school started, I still haven't figured out what to join out of school. I'm going through cheerleading withdrawl and its killing me but I feel like I should take dance because I could use it more in my career? That and I feel like I don't actually get to do much in cheerleading which just makes you feel worthless. I just want to put on a uniform and compete so bad though.. I haven't really been going to school because I just don't want to be their. I feel like I'm wasting my time and should be at a school with better courses and some actual extra circular actives. I seriously need a magical guidance fairy godmother to come and help me figure out what to do in my life.

On to some positives! I recorded a new song I put on my myspace. Its called lost boy and is probly the last of my really rock pop music. As much fun as it can be I don't think that's where my heart lies as a performer. I want to try some more dance-ish, mature stuff. Only to find a producer that will understand that!

I also need to get my rooms sorted out. I have BOATLOADS of clothes I will never wear and I don't know what to do with them. I really want to sell them and make some extra money but its alot harder to do then you think! I'm considering opening up my own store to get rid of them all!!

And on my quest to get an awesome wardrobe for Tokyo's famed 109 shopping stores, I purchased this dress last night!
I'm really excited to get it because I'm a new devoted fan of M*ARS clothes! I really wish Japanese gal clothing wasn't so hard to get a hold of


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