Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Makeup World in a Minuet

-Forever 21s new makeup line looks like major crap. -If you still want to buy some of it at 10 % off code: Makeup10 will work until November 14- I think ELF looks like a better alternative for cheap makeup- Wet and Wild also can work for some things- Urban Decays' Friends and Family discount of a whopping 30% runs until November 20. Code: FNFW1.- Makeup Forever put out a collection of all its eyeliners in packaging that will surely appeal to your inner child. Sadly $249.00 for 25 eyeliners would have you saving up your allowance for a few years. Sephora is selling a lighted makeup stand for $998.00. It's a box with legs and six lights. I am outraged. COME ON.

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