Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hair inspiration

Hair inspiration is always needed. Enjoy my mostly Japanese picture hairspam for some ideas this week.
This girl has PERFECT HAIR. It just looks SOO CUTE! One of the only times I have loved hair that isn't really long. That bow is amazing, I'm going to make some for my etsy shop this week.

Raquel Reed just makes blue hair amazing. I want to dye my hair this color so bad. I'm doing pink soon! I must!

Makeup spam!
Lastly, another reason I wish I lived in Japan. They Hair-set places that just style hair. It costs around $30.00 and you get any amazing style like this one! Here it would cost about $70.00 at least and the stylists probably wouldn't have enough experience to do it the way you would want. Sigh. I am determined to get hair this awesome


editsafemode said...

Cute. I'm proud! Hopefully you'll have your dream hair soon enough.

Gwendolyn Guillotine said...

I think these are the things you can do on your own. :) Just takes practice, I know. But these hair are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

KorinaBliss said...

I really love your blog, Imma bookmark this. Can't wait to read more ^_^ xx

Bryan said...

I love the third post. She looked like a barbie. Thanks for posting it! I had fun reading your blog!