Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cheer japan fashion

Oh life! Why are you so complicated?
I think I'm just going to take the semester off. I've been having total issues with depression and my heath since grade 7 and I just need time to get better. Of course this has caused my mom to go insane which is making me feel worse. I guess I will never find my inner chi! For now I need to focus on what I'm going to do about school, make my mother actually take me to vocal lessons and get some songs done as well as dance lessons and god knows what else.

In this weeks Japanese Fashion news, the magazine Nuts had a model wearing underwear from last years Pussycat dolls line for La Senza. I know this becuase I happen to own it. Odd, isn't it?

I also have a new favorite clothing line. Its called cheer. They even have a top that looks like an actually cheerleading uniform which I want if only for that reason. Although it doesn't look the best on the model I am determined to get it and make it work with jeans somehow. Just the international shipping could cost god knows how much and its 80.00 to start. Kinda a lot of money for something I don't know if I would like on. I feel like if I don't get this I will totally regret it for years however..
Cheer also has a huge love for lady gaga and just came out with a shirt of her. Odd!


Anonymous said...

So, your plan is to drop out of school. That's really going to help with your depression.

If you're so depressed and your health is so bad, why are you making clothes, and stuff. Shouldn't you be resting, or in a hospital?

editsafemode said...

As already stated, I believe the plan was not to drop out of school entirely, but to take the semester off consider the amount of time spent away from school due to illness. Obviously her doctors suggest rest at home and further, occupying one's self is often a means of overcoming.

If one chooses to post comments anonymously only to demonstrate their basic triviality, it is obvious that one is wasting a significant amount of time being trivial.

How unfortunate.

Bryan said...

I have known japan as rich in modern technology ideas, little did i know that it is also had great fashion to offer. Keep posting. Love your photos.