Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hope for cell phone service in Canada

Anyone who knows me knows the problems I’ve had with cell phone companies. Some of my worst days have been spent in Bell, a company with no compassion that has a hard time getting anything done. Cell phone companies in general seem to be one of the most frustrating services we all have to deal with. As a teenager I’ve found my peers and I have faced some of the same common issues. They aren’t friendly to us teenagers who are constantly getting our phones stolen, broken or lost and lets face it, it happens to everyone at some point. Warranties also seem to almost never fix our damaged phones which occasionally die from overuse. Not only that, bills are not budget friendly either. I’m a teenager who doesn’t pay for my own cell phone bill but tons of people my age have to and cell phone companies make it very, very hard for them with the under 18 contracts and prices. The option of no contracts prepaid phones doesn’t always work with the risk of minuets running out and being left stranded. The price of text messaging without a plan is also INSANE. With the lives teenagers now live it can be frustrating and at times dangerous to be caught without a cell. Without the option of getting rid of our phones we really only can ask for change in the way things work.

Without even the stress of actually paying the bill, I’m already fed up with Bell, Rogers and Telus, Canada’s three major cell phone companies. I’ve been very interested in how the way everything is run changing. This article on gave me a lot of information on cell phone companies in Canada that I hadn't previously known. This article provides great information on the industry in Canada as well as how we compare around the world. It also sums up the fact that things in the Canada's cell phone world will hopefully be changing. is a website that will bring you the best cell phone rate deals as opposed to you going to the dealer and asking for them. I honestly think this is a great idea and will be interested in finding out how the company does on an episode of my current addiction, The Dragons Den (Wed, Oct 21st) this season. If anything, I think this website shows theirs always a way around the system and I’ll support anything that will bring my cell bill down!


editsafemode said...

Great job on this entry. I'm a rogers girl for life, I already know that much. Must be rough though. I've had the same cell since eighth grade (but I'll be getting a new one soon) so I guess the losing, breaking, dying phone bit hasn't had an effect on me, but it has on my sister. Goodness. BELL SUCKS.
Yay for Rogers.

Javine said...

Fido has some good deals!

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Cellular phones for sale said...

Well, I agree with you there, "Cell phone companies in general seem to be one of the most frustrating services we all have to deal with." I am also a teenager and paying my own bill and the price of text messaging without a plan is really so INSANE. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it. Keep posting!