Sunday, September 6, 2009

BB cream review Lioele

I ordered my first BB cream after hearing such great things about them. I got mine off ebay and the seller shipped it very fast which surprised me. BB cream is basically foundation that targets specific skin problems, like acne, wrinkles, ect. I ordered the Lioele cream as my first try becuase I had seen someone do a tutorial with it and their skin looked flawless! That and the packaging is so pretty and princess like, I couldn't resist. The bigged problem with this product was I love it as much as I hate it.

The good
-Good coverage for a bb cream. Covers imperfections, ect
-Didn't make me breakout, maybe made my skin a bit better?
-I don't have much of a problem with this but I've heard from others this has great oil control
-Its not shiny but its not completely matte (I like dewy looks to be honest though)

- The colour turns really red and darker on me over time instead of adjusting to my skin tone. This is by far the worst part!
- Feels chalky and drying when putting it on
- I have to use a few pumps because its so drying
- Isn't the best for dry skin which is what I have

I'm so confused on what to do with this product, I want to use it because its so pretty and gives me what I want from a foundation but I don't want to have a different color face!
I'm still convinced BB cream could be better then foundation (I'm probly just excited because its all pretty new too me), so I want to try a bunch more out! What's your favorite kind of BB cream?

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