Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twilight beauty presale and website launch tonight only!

Again, I'm not the bigged Twilight fan. Liked the books not so much the movie but I was very excited to see the high end makeup line they were launching. The line was launched by three respected makeup industry women and I expected a lot more from it then what I see on the site. I was shocked by the lack of foundations, concealors, powders, blushes and eyeliners which you would think would be something they would have made! I feel like the majority of the products are geared towards older makeup junkies (the makeup palates especially) and not the typical products I see most twihards wearing (the massive liquid liner over crazy intense eyeshadow)

The one thing I am interested in though is the pigments for only $9.00. Sadly, they are not shipping to Canada for the pre-sale from what I saw. Does this mean they never will?

If you are interested in ordering from the presale you better hurry up as it only lasts until tomorrow.
How about you? What are your thoughts on the collection from the site?


Frank said...

Is that all ur capable of?
adverising a product?
A flyer does the exact same thing!
And they are more interesting!
they take up less space,and can be reused for other things like recycling or paper planes.
They are also fresh and always different, unlike you

seriously get a life and stop wasting people's time with all this advertising crap

Keely Valentine said...

who are you to tell me to get a life when your on a blog you hate?
if you dont like it

Frank said...

Actually, i just stumbled upon it today when i was on the net, i clicked the wrong site to this waste of my time. Decided to come back to see if my message was deleted. haha, clearly it wasn't :P

Since i have a real job, instead of having a blog which ppl don't seem to get read, due to the severe lack of comments, i think i'm a person who has a life to tell you that you don't Kid.

You're probably one of those kids who does nothing when ur in school, expects life to be handed to you on a silver platter, and ur probably failing your classes as well.

Keely Valentine said...

Pshh sure,
Actually I get 80's in most of my classes and usually miss around half the year because of illness.

I wouldn't even be blogging if it wasn't for the fact I'm forced to be stuck inside because of it so much.

Honestly, who do you think you are?

Anonymous said...


Damien said...

Frank honestly, it seems like you dont enjoy your job at all. cause all you can truly do is spend your time arguing to a random blogger about how much you hate it. Grow up and focus your time on other things rather than argue with a teenager. and honestly if you dont like it than dont comment dumbfuck.

Anonymous said...

Not all comments need to be positive Damien. Frank seems to just be expressing his opinion, which he's entitled to do. If this blogger had such an issue with it, wouldn't one think that she'd delete the comments?

Anonymous said...

Although he is entitled to voice his opinion its unjust to be very rude, instead the individual should have positive criticism besides judging an individual by his/her blog. Until an individual fully interacts and socializes with the person, i feel that any type of person cannot truly (like they say) judge a book by its cover.

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously, the culture creators have succeeded. The social engineering is in place and every facet of our minds, controlled. You are the perfect example. You don't like Twightlight, but their makeup is enough for you to blog about...

ever heard of things like BPA? it's plastic in cosmetics, toys and many other things,, It gets in our bodies and makes us stupid and leads to many health problems like cancers.

ever heard of fluoride? it's been put in our water/toothpaste/minds like it's a good thing....Unfortunately it crusts-up our pineal glands -blocking spirituality, individuality, & critical thought..

Anonymous said...

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