Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tips for curly hair/damaged hair and plaitnum blondes

The blogging world is full of an exciting land of makeup reviews and advice but it makes me wonder why the world of hair hasn't caught on yet? As important as your face looking lovely is, if your hair is a total mess then no ones even going to look at it! I've decided after years of struggle, I'm going to attempt to do more posts to help the women suffering through damaged and/or frizzy ,thick dry hair.

My hair has ALWAYS frustrated me, every since grade four I've wanted pure platinum blonde, long hair. I killed it by bleaching my course, thick but strong hair hundreds of times now. I'm lucky that my hair is as strong as it is though. I think one of the biggest problems with people who have curly hair is that their just isn't enough information on how to maintain it out their. Not everyone with curly hair is able to just scruntch their hair with some mousse and have perfect curls. One thing alot of people with curly hair also don't realize is that the size and shapes of the curls can be completely different on sections of the head. I've noticed with my hair that the lower half of my hair is really small and wavy curls while the top is more frizzier and not as curly.

I'm going to start by helping you guys out with some hair Myths and crutal tips I've picked up over the last few years.

- Trimming your ends does NOT make your hair grow longer. It just helps it from getting more damaged but you still need to do this if you want your hair to grow healthy.

-Blow drying your hair straight is much more damaging then straightening it. This is becuase the tugging force from the brush causes much more breakage.

-Hair care is like skincare, their are different types and nothing will work for everyone.

-If your bleaching your hair blonde, you really need to keep up on your routes every 2-4 weeks to prevent futher damage. This is becuase hair at the roots bleaches faster then other hair from your body heat and will cause less damage the closer it is to the bleach. That also means right at the root will be lighter then the other half of your roots so bleach it quick!

I'm going to post some hair product reviews asap! Please post your favorite hair tips in the comments as well as any of your favourite hair care blogs! I want to find some good ones!


Sher said...

yeah I gave up on my hair :( I used to be obsessed with mine year ago but it was just too expensive and a let down most of the time =p all I need is a flat iron and im good, though my iron broke on me :(

Aralka said...

So you will add hairstyle tutorials? :)
I am new on your blog, but I like it. Looks like we have similiar hobbies :)

Blair said...

Good tips! I'll be more gentle on my hair when blow drying it hahaa

The dresses are from gmarket - a Korean site =D

Blair said...

Oooh, I don't find it hard. If you need help navigating gmarket, do e-mail me or something and I'll try my best to help out =D