Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recent Purchases + Reviews! on Kaleidoscope blue bleach, pantene nature fusion, latex free eyelash glue

1. Disney sing it game- WORST GAME EVER. This thing literly lags when you sing. Besides making your vocals sound like crap, its transfers your voice to the tv like two seconds behind so no matter what it just sounds off. I've never been so pissed off at a game in my life.
2. Panetene Fortifying Treatment- So far I'm really liking this, Its a great cheaper treatment to have. I also got it on sale which helps.
3. Wella toner in some colour.. I haven't used this yet and I'm scared too as toner can screw you hair up so bad if you use the wrong one! Wish me luck!
4. 30 volume devolper to use with bleach.
5. Kaleidoscop blue toner bleach- A bleach with a built in toner, at first I wasn't so convinced this was that great but I deffinatly see a difference between regular salon brand bleach now. You have to purchase with devolper from Sallys and mix it. This works much, much better then box colour becuase it's stronger. If your bleaching your hair blonde from home I deffinatly reccomend this. Some are scared too to try profesional products because box colour seems less risky, but the truth is this is going to give better results when it comes to lifting colour and will cause less damage to hair then applying a few boxes of drugstore brands. It really does help to remove the gold when bleaching, the line offers other types of bleach but I think this is the highest lift. Make sure to leave it on long enough and you should get a light blonde colour on first try. You can purchase this from Sally's and if you need more then three packs its worth getting a Sally's card and buying the bigger tub of it for the same price. I'm not sure how many applications are in the tub but I'm sure its a much better deal. I also love having bleach at home for whenever I need a touchup.
6. Glue sticks-I LOVE GLUEGUNS
7. Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothing Creme- I was expecting this to be more of a serum but it reminds me more of a leave in conditioner. It's almost like a less moisturizing version of AG fastfood but better with frizz. I don't mind this stuff as I think it really made my curls look alot better. I got this on sale also and I have to say this a pretty good drugstore product for frizz/moisture. One negative is it doesn't provide any shine. If you have thick hair like me I'd still reccomend using it with a serum.
8.Koji eye glue- Okay I know, wtf your not asain and have double eyelids BUT I CAN'T USE EYELASH GLUE! I think the latex in the eyelash glue is what causes a bad reaction. This was literaly the only alternative I could think of for a Latex free glue. I looked everywhere. Wish me luck on this as it's my last hope AND I WANT LASHES

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