Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Etsy Items

Sorry to totally promote my stuff but I need to make money for vocal lessons! I'm paying $80.00 an hour and currently don't have enough for half of one -_- SO PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT XD

Here's the new skirt I made I'm selling for $35.00 Here!

And this amazing sparkle bow I'm selling for $17.00 Here!

I have such a terrible amount of crap in my house that I think I'm goign to try and make a sales journal on livejournal to sell crap or something.
Remeber you can always make me offeres on my stuff!


amynaree said...

i love the skirt it's so cute! i wish i had the body to wear something like that.. thnx for commenting and entering my giveaway sweetie <3 ..i'm a new follower of yours as well.. luv your blog..it's so cute and girly

Keely Valentine said...

aw thanks amy!
and you totally do!
thanks for having the giveaway i'd die for the prizes!
hope to talk to you more!