Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My nails ispiried by Nail up!

So I love nail art and when the power went out I thought for some reason it would be a good idea to try and do them with minimal to no light. This is mostly from reading Nail up! all night! Japanese nail art is amazing, I envy their nail salons. It didn't turn out the best too because I painted over 2 week old acrylics. The worst thing about nail art is the fumes can make my throat KILL for days in a very alarming way and the last thing I need is to damage my voice for singing. Anyways! Here's my nails!

Show me your nail art! I want to see!
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Blair said...

Hiya Keely!

I love your nails!!! So princess-y!

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Ahhh, it seems like a lot of people hate my layout hahaha

Yumeko said...

am loving your nails
i looove the hyou gara print [leopard print]

SwatchCrazee said...

how fun is this! i luv it!