Monday, August 10, 2009

I was tagged!

I got my first blog tag today by one of my favourite bloggers Sara from Thank you for thinking of me!
The picture tag goes like this:

1. Open your first picture folder
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
3. Post that photo along with a story
This was one of the best, life changing days of my life. This was taken last summer, a girl at my school and I were talking on msn after a year of going to the same school and never talking. We found we had alot in common and decided to hang out. We went to pride prom becuase we both love our gay friends. We met up with a girl named Maura that I met at a concert randomly a few months previous and had such a great day. We went into the Mac pro on Queen Street where I trannied my eyes up with glitter and liner. The people working their thought I was CRAZY! I ended up getting a vintage dress for $7.00 and cutting the sleeves off and won best dresssed that night! I also had alot of fun with my friend Jeremy their. It was an amazing day I'll never forget, regardless of whatever happens in life.

I'm tagging some of my favourite bloggers in this!!
1.Mistu at Universal Doll - for giving me a look into the life I eventally would like and am so interested in. Thanks for helping me understand what life is like their and for being into the exact same fashion as me! Your posts are so informative!
2.My friend Jo at We Cannot Fool Mother Nature. Her blogs new and I can't wait for her to post more, she's such a fasinating person and a brillant writer.
3. Rebecca from Kira Kira Dreams - A totally cute lolita blog that I love to read!
4. Eki from A little bit of Eki - Her blog is so great, its everything i could want in a makeup blog. Makeup and Japanese fashion and music! I love it.
5. Jen at a by far one of the best beauty blogs out their

I hope to get tagged more! This was fun!


Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

yay! im glad you did it! What a great picture! I love it you look super happy!


Keely Valentine said...

Thanks again sara! you totally made my day!

Sher said...

hey! I think you can prob find some of there stuff still, they used to sell tons of glittery goodness!
p.s. I think I've seen you somewhere... do you know Ameer?? lol

Sher said...

yup! I think ive seen you comment a few times on his myspace page LOL omg such a small world! I can recognize faces, its really weird lol

Sher said...

LOL if someone is interesting enough I will remember their face! Also when I saw your photos before I fell in love with your hair <3 loves it! I'm gonna have to follow you now for sure lol

Sher said...

haha don't tell me you go to anime north too??! :O so do I! I used to cosplay but not anymore (no $$ lately) :( yep, I hung out with him maybe 2 weeks ago for his bday :) hes not really online, so you either have to txt him or maybe msg him on fb and hope he checks LOL

Sher said...

that is soo very true! he takes a while to respond but I somehow manage to keep in contact every now and then =p I will text him tmr morning :)! hopefully he will txt you back or something b/c he usually takes a while to get back. Hes been pretty busy lately though! Yeah I haven't been into cons as much as I'd like, I've been going one days usually instead of the whole weekend. Now that I graduated, time to look for work and then I can prob have more time to concentrate on hobbies :)

editsafemode said...

Thank you so much, dear! Believe it or not I meant to tag you in my entries, but I didn't find a place where it might flow. XD.

In any case. Thank you!! ♥

Sher said...

oh def! people have changed and I dont think I like it lol
Its not as fun...
oh but if you're local, I'm sure we can arrange some kind of meet up sometime before that and call it a blogger meet up lol
ok I better stop, I'm hogging your comments lol

eki said...

HI HUn! thank you for the tag!! <3 your handmade items are so kawaii!! <3

you are singer/song writer?? X3 thats awesome!! <3<3<3

Yumeko said...

hello gorgeous!
i looove that pic!

Rebecca said...

Aaw, thank you! It makes me really happy to know that you like it! ^_______^