Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki New music video Sunrise -love is all- Pv

I had to post this PV. I hadn't watched an Ayu PV forever but I saw this and thought it was really cool. The whole stage/concept of where shes performing is just so awesome and creative. It looks so summery and nice where she is, unlike the terrible Toronto weather this year. I'm also in love with the boots, I think if someone can make platform boots come back instyle its Ayu.

On other jpop news Melody and Miyavi named their daughter Lovlie. Also the world cosplay summit is going on, so I think I might be checking that dorkiness out online. I miss cosplaying! I always wanted to participate in it someday if I ever got good but a. they don't have canada as a countrie so screw you. b. alot of times cosplayers only get picked becuase their models and c. its been known to be rigged.
Oh well goodluck to everyone in it! I can't wait to hear the juicy gossip cosplayers always have from it. Oh to be young again. *sigh*

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