Saturday, August 1, 2009

Funnny dog pictures

As I'm looking through my computer I decided I had to post some of these dog photos. Their just too great lmao. My dog's name is Neko, which is a pretty awesome name for a dog (cat in japanese). He's absoulty insane and convinced he's human. My parents are so obessed with this dog its unexplainable.

He doesn't look like himselv here, too fluffy?

My mom walks and sometime watches this ten year old dog named Muffin. She's amazing and terrfied. My friends and I decided to make her into a unicorn when she was visiting.

Neko then deciced to eat the paper towel and hump the poor old dog who has a bad back leg and could not escape. My mother had to keep getting him off her.

Neko in charlottes glasses.

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miley cyrus said...

weirdest looking dog ever, ugh