Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ebay hauls

Some of the random cheap stuff I got on ebay came in!

First was the most exciting, my 2NE1 cd! This is honestly the best cd I've listend to in years. KPop music is just so great right now and 2ne1 is the best of them all. The case itself isnt even a case, its more of a container but its pretty cool!

The cd insert was awesome! It has really great pictures.

I love, love how shiny it is, I hope my album covers flashy and awesome like that.

Next was my Hello Project Petit Best 4. It was really cheap on ebay and has a ton of my favorite hello project songs. I kinda wish I had bought the singles though because they come with the karaoke versions and the cd doesn't.

It came with a door hanger. More hello project love for my room!
Next was a box of fake eyelashes I got for really cheap, they seem pretty bad quality but I wont care if they go on fine. I hate how expensive eyelashes are here, six dollars is way to much to spend every time you want to go out and look hot!

They came in a ghetto box with japanese eyelid glue (it can also be used for lashes but its a much lighter formula then duo). So weird. It has latex so I can't use it. Just more crap I now need to try and get rid of!

And finally I got the first two peach girl mangas becuase I miss reading manga!

Sorry for lack of posts, I've been really struggeling with this stomache disease I have and I'm defiantly having a hard patch in life. Its funny how hard it is to remember things pass when your going through a hard time.


Blair said...

Which song would you recommend? I am new to the K-Pop scene =D

Oh really? What made you so interested in Angelfit's foundation?

Keely Valentine said...

I've been reading so many good reviews on it!

I just got into kpop recently too!
My recomendations are anything by 2ne1

you go girl by lee hyori is just awesome

wondergirls are fun too,

You have to check out gee and genie by SNSD

and abracadabra by brown eyed girls is really great

hope you like them!