Thursday, August 20, 2009

The All Natural Face product reviews - vegan makeup

I stumbled upon a message board praising the deals and good customer service offered by etsy seller theallnaturalface and had to order some to try it out. I haven't tried out a vegan makeup line before so it was another cool change. It seems this seller does most of their buisness in samples becuase she offers so many of them for a great price. I got something like 40 shadow samples, a full size eyeshadow/liner sealer, a bunch of foundation samples and blush and bronzer samples for $10.00 with $1.25 shipping to Canada. Considering that other people charge $5.00 for five eyeshadow samples of the same size this is a great deal. It also helps that the seller usually always thows in some freebie samples and helpful extras like mini brushes that reach well into the pigment samples.

(From left to right- liner/shadow sealant, foundation samples with mini kabuki, eyeshadow samples, blush samples, bronzer samples. Above is extra samples she included)

As for my reviews lets start off with the liner/shadow sealant. I didn't go for the primer on the site as I read all negative reviews of it. The liner/shadow sealant claims too be a natural alternative to keeping your eyeshadow and eyeliner smudge proof and in place all day. It also claims to give your eyeshadow a foiled look.

When I received the product I thought you just put it over the eyeshadow, which just ended up making the shadows staying power worse and automatically faded. So its kind of a bummer that you can't use it that way. To use it properly you dip your bush in it before the shadow which can get a bit messy. The one thing I'm unsure about is how watery it feels, it's almost feels like I'm just using water.

-Makes the pigment look more dark and intense (but water could do this too?)
-Price- it was really cheap
-All natural
-Sanitary bottle

-Just like using water
-Doesn't help the smudging much
-A bit messy

The eyeshadow pigments samples

Here's the part I'm confused about, part of me wants to hate them but the price is just too good. Personally, I'm used to pigments that have intense sparkle and shine. These are pretty neutral and matte, which is a big change for me but would easily be favored by the more mature consumer. In a sense, I don't mind having some matte pigments because now I have a bunch of colors I would have never bought alone. Another Obvious great thing about them is you can get so many shades for such a small price. It's great for anyone who likes makeup to experiment with, you'll never feel like you don't have a colour. The worst part of these shadows is I find the pigment is just not strong enough to use on most colors dry and you NEED to use it with the sealent or atleast with a wet brush to get a noticeable color. The samples are enough to use more then a few times if used wet so don't worry about them being gone too fast.

(All of the shadow samples I got)

-Tons for the price
-All natural
-Great for a makeup artist or someone who wants a lot of colors on hand to experiment with

-Used alone they aren't the best colour

As for the foundations I haven't had much of a chance to try them out but from trying them on my wrist I noticed at first they are a bit chalky but get better over time and do do a good job at neutralizing the discolorations.
(The 15 foundation samples)

(The extra freebies)
(Blush samples)
(Bronzer samples)

Overall I think this lines worth trying out! Who doesn't love getting things in the mail?

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