Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Boa's Wearing

I was browsing today and was checking Boa's San Fransico Pride Performance Post. I noticed she was wearing the earrings I wanted! They must be the ones from Hello Drama. (A band started by two scene models. Their also vault girls which is something I'm kinda a part of .) I was thinking of buying them last night so I found it funny Boa was wearing them. I didn't think their line was really that known and was just something they kinda did online? Oh well it's cool to see two girls who are so mutli-talented doing everything on their own. I deffinatly will probly be purchasing these, although I do feel bad paying $38.00 for a peice of plastic. (Not that that stopped me last week from buying $50.00 barbie earrings.)

Boa picture:

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