Monday, July 20, 2009

Twilight Show to Premier on making of film

In my recent experience, whenever the word Twilight is spoken the word EW is the most common reaction to follow. While I'm not against the movie, I'm not a particularly huge fan of it either. (I did love the books,but the movie not so much). I myself have spent my teenage years in an odd poisition. I'm not in with the in croud and too aware of whats going on to be part of the social outcasts who live in completly different universes. I do understand the world of obession as I used to love anime when I was younger. (I still do, just not on the same level) The only person I know who is obsessed with Twilight happens to be a spot on definiton for the word clueless social outcast at my school. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the girl has something she's so in love with but it makes me wonder. Is the Twilight craze only popular and accepted in teenage girls who are considered outcasts? Although that may be the sterotype, it's hard too beleive that such a small population targeted franchise could gain as much media hype and money as it has. That or theirs just too many girls in highschool who don't want to be their. Regardless, there seems to be no end in the future with a show set to premier on ReelzChannel about the filming of the film.

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talula said...

you just totally dissed that girl.
what a bitch you are