Friday, July 31, 2009

Temptu at Sephora

So clearly Sephora has realized makeup junkies will pay almost anything to get good results. They've also realized their is a lot of friggen makeup junkies out their as every girl wants to look perfect, no?
This product kind of pisses me off but probably only because I want it and can't afford it/children in Africa are starving. Anyways, one of the most well known airbrush companies Temptu is selling a personal airbrush machine for $225.00 American. It wouldn't be such a bad price if the foundation's weren't $53.00 each. They come with two foundation pods for that price but I read it still only lasts for about two months? Then if you want to purchase their blush and highlighter their around $30-35.00 a pod and I doubt they last too long either.
It's of course interesting but I don't think that its a miracle product, especially for the price. Then again maybe after I try it out I may change my mind.. Who knows!

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